Buying & Cleaning Baby Bath Toys

Bath time is typically a fun time for most babies. Children typically love to splash in the bath and play with bath toys, as the toys are usually the best part of the bath. While it is a good idea to have bath toys for your baby, parents and caregivers must be careful when choosing the proper bath toys.Your child may want to bring their favorite doll or metal truck into the bath, but this is never a good idea. These toys tend to sink, which can be dangerous to your child. If the toy sinks, your son or daughter is likely to go down into the water to search for the toy. Your child may be so brazen as to completely submerge his or hers head into the water, which can lead to them swallowing or choking on water. This not only is a problem in the present, but can create a fear of water that may last for a lifetime.It is a good idea to keep a separate set of approved, floating bath toys in a box away from your child’s regular toys. You can buy these toys in children’s toys, but be sure they float in water and are approved for babies. By separating the toys your child will learn that these toys are exclusively for bath time, and they will soon grow accustomed to this idea. This process may also help to get a fussy child into the bath, because they will realize they will get to play with the special toys and may become more inclined to bathe.While bath toys make bath time a fun time for children to enjoy bathing, you must remember that these toys spend most of their time in soapy water. Even though these toys spend all this time in the water, they still need cleaning. Water and soap can build up on the toys and cause them to sour, so you must clean the toys on a regular basis.Gather all of the bath toys together in one place and fill the sink with the hottest water you can get out of your tap. While the water is running, squeeze some dish soap under the running water. Dish soap is the safest soap to use for cleaning the toys, as it is non-toxic and will be safe if your child put their toys in their mouth. Use a washcloth and scrub each toy as it sits in the water. Be sure to clean the insides and clean each small crevice. Let all of the toys sit in the hot soapy water for at least 5 minutes.Once you have cleaned each toy, empty out the sink water and rinse each toy with hot water. Lay each toy on a towel on a flat surface to dry. Make sure each toy is dry before you give them to your child to play with. Following this process at least once or twice a week will ensure your child is playing with clean toys free of debris and germs.Bath time should be a fun and enjoyable experience for children. Ensure your son or daughter gets the most out of bath time by supplying fun and safe toys. For more information on bath toys, baby baths and bathing children, please visit

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